MDC3: HBT Physics Working Group

  1. BNL-Attendance - By my count, HBT expects about 8-10 folks on location, including resident BNL-ers. I think we all have adequate office/terminal access, but I have put out a ping on that.
  2. Goals - In MDC3, we will be performing several mock analyses that hopefully will give us an idea of what more needs to be done before data comes. These include:
  3. There are also issues of general infrastructure:
  4. Experiences - Asking around, I would say that most folks know about the STAR disks, but not everybody is familiar with LSF (including me).

Note related to infrastructure: We want to try to use track topology to attack potential tracksplit problems that come up. This is why I proposed the bitpattern hitmap in StTrack. Currently this is not being filled by global (and so not copied into StTrack). We would like DST production of HBT data to proceed after this information is filled. Helen says she will do it on global end tonite, and I hope you can make the next step shortly after so it gets into production.

Text by Mike Lisa, Feb 17, 2000