MDC3: Strangeness Physics Working Group

  1. BNL attendance - From my head count at the Strangeness phone conf. this week I think there will be about 8 extra people at BNL for MDC3 from the strangeness group. As far as I know we are all OK for computor resources.
  2. Plans -
    1. To produce micro dsts from ALL events processed for v0s and cascades. Can RCAS cope with doing this? Can we? Can we produce our dsts in conjunction with everyone else?
    2. To explore with good statistics our cut space. To determine if cascades are possible year 1. To try and determine what cuts we can apply in reconstrcution to give us the optimal result while not overwhelming the DST memory.
    3. To try to set up a user friendly system to produce y-pt plots of our favourite strange particles. So that all results have been passed through the same systems and the only difference in results should be produced by cuts implemented.
    4. To set up a user-friendly system to study the efficiency of strange reconstrcution using StAssociaiton and StMCEvent
    5. To calc and apply the acceptance and effiiency corrections to our results and check we get back what was put in.
    6. To work with the HBT group to perform v0v0 and /\-p HBT. Can it be done year 1? Is the track splitting hurting us? Do we have the tools in place to remove split tracks from the strange particle correlations
    7. Investigate more thoroughly the kalman and constrained fitting approaches to strange particle reconstruction
    8. Include the kink studies into the strangeness group micro-dst formats
    9. We currently output some strangeness tags - Work out whats there and if it means anything.

Text by Helen Caines, Feb 21, 2000