Initial Final Side Initial Level (Dectector # if more than 1) Output Board Name (Number if more than one) Cable Type (Number if more than one) Input Board Name (number if more than one)
TPC TPC E-East S -(Super Sector)   RD0   SIG - signal   RDO  
SVT SVT W-West I - (Inner Sector)   FEE   HV      
EMC EMC   0- (Outer Sector)       5V      
TRG TRG                  
DAQ DAQ                  
MAG MAG   blank -(whole side)              
CVS CVS                  
SLC SLC                  
XTPC XTPC                  
use 8 point type                    
Direction is always from detector                    
TPC/DAQ-WS3   Cable Goes From TPC to DAQ -West super sector -3                
FEE-4/SIG-3   Fee Board #4 -Signal Cable #3                
RD0-2   Goes to RD0 Board number 2                
CTB-ES3-2   CTB cable - East sector #2;2 detector                
DIG/SIG-3   Digitizer Board - Signal cable #3                
VME-C5-B2   Goes to VME Board Crate 5, Board 2                
encourage color coding                    

Last Updated on 7/9/98
By Howard Matis