STAR Beam-Beam Counter (BBC) Mapping (FY02)

For the FY02  run, eight photomultiplier tubes (PMT) were used for the 18 small hexagonal scintillator tiles comprising one annulus on both the east and west sides of the STAR magnet.  Each tile had four wave-length shifting (WLS) optical fibers inserted into circular grooves inscribed within the hexagonal scintillator to collect scintillation light.  The tiles were grouped in triplets.  Each triplet had an optical connector to mate the WLS fibers to clear optical fibers for light transport to the PMT's.  The mapping of the clear fibers onto the PMT's for the FY02 implementation is shown below:

The tile-to-PMT mapping allowed for radial and azimuthal segmentation of the readout of the small hexagonal scintillators.


Last Update: 6 April 2002