STAR GRID Home page

These pages are dedicated to the GRID effort in STAR as part of our collaboration with Particle Physics Data Grid.

Within STAR GRID we monitor the evolution of GRID middleware and tools, and work on their integration within the STAR Software Infrastructure.

The current projects that are being developed at BNL are:

The participants to the STAR GRID efforts are:

STAR/PPDG team or affiliated
    Jerome Lauret (STAR/BNL)
    Eric Hjort (STAR/LBNL)
    Levente Hajdu (STAR/BNL)
    Doug Olson (STAR/LBNL)
    Lidia Didenko (STAR/BNL)
    Valeri Fine (STAR/BNL)

OSG STAR site contacts
    Wayne Betts (BNL)
    Iwona Sakrejda (LBNL)
    Elisabeth Atems (WSU)
    Alexander Suaide (SPU)

    Junmin Gu (SDM/LBNL)
    Alex Romosan (SDM/LBNL)
    Arie Shoshani (SDM/LBNL)
    Alex Sim (SDM/LBNL)
    Dantong Yu (RCF/BNL)
    Jason Smith (RCF/BNL)

Our thanks for past contributions goes to
    Efstratios Efstathiadis (ITD/BNL)
    Richard Casela (ITD/BNL)
    Gabriele Carcassi (STAR then RCF/BNL)

You can find the STAR GRID logo here, and a template for the STAR Grid webpages here.

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