Modifications in the "Conventional" Ganglia MDS Information Provider

If you use the "Conventional" Ganglia MDS Information Provider, in addition to the installation and MDS configuration instructions (which can be found at the Ganglia MDS Information Provider page) you need to make a couple of changes in the scripts in order to publish all the expected info into MDS. What is expected info is determined by the GLUE-CE Schema. Some of the output of the Ganglia IP is not consistent with the Schema and thus some of the provided info does not get published into MDS.
This work has also been reported with the Globus Bug Tracking System (Bugzilla) in bug# 745.

The changes described here apply to the scripts which are included in the RPM file ganglia-python-2.3-0.noarch.rpm.

After the installation of the RPM package (by default under /opt/ganglia) edit /opt/ganglia/lib/python/gmon/ and do the following modifications:

You also need to edit /opt/ganglia/lib/python/gmon/ and put in the name of the gmond server. Change localhost (line 260) to the appropriate node name, such as

Testing the modified scripts

You should first test that the modifications that you made did not break the scripts, by executing the IP from the command line:
             /opt/ganglia/bin/ganglia --format=MDS
(MDS must be in Capitals).
You must also have permission to access gmond. Your host must be listed in the trusted_host list in the /etc/gmond file.

You do not need to make any changes in the MDS configuration other than those described in Ganglia MDS Information Provider page. However, you should restart MDS and use the grid-info-search utility to verify that additional Ganglia info does get published into MDS.

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