Host site location model in STAR

One of the aspects about MAGDA integration is to fit the host-site-location scheme as defined in MAGDA.


In MAGDA, an host is a machine or a group of machines. A site is a host plus a protocol on how to access data. A location is a path leading to a directory managed by MAGDA. A file in magda is identified by something like a URI, but slightly different. A URI, in fact, would be:


while MAGDA has:


A host can span from a single machine ( - Wenaus laptop) to a much bigger entity ( - CERN ATLAS). A site tells how you access a host. For example, through AFS (cernatlasafs - AFS site for host) or HPSS (cernhpss - HPSS site for host).

Proposal for STAR

We can divide STAR in the following hosts:

Now we analyze the BNL host. The other hosts will be similar

For these sites, we can define locations, such as:

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