TODO list

  1. Get the CVS to compile cleanly: in CVS only things that are needed, and only things that compile
  2. Define user interface: wrap the java command in a script (allowing the possibility to dispatch more than one XML file at a time). The XML file itself might need some minor modification.
  3. Copy back the output files. Basically implement the Dispatcher (as defined in steps) and the getResults() method to copy back the output.
  4. Placeholder (for future catalog extensions): this is basically implementing the abstract JobInitializer (as defined in steps) so that it can be changed later. Maybe find a better name for JobInitializer...
  5. Abstraction for machine resource info (so that we will be able not to use LSF load): this is part of the Scheduler Policy class (as described in the steps)
  6. Submit multiple XML file, and implement the getResourceInfo so that it queries once, and caches the results. Use the same policy for all the XML, so that the machine resource info gets queried only once.

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