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FDID allocations

Federated database ID allocations from RD45

RD45 coordinates the allocation of FDIDs to experiments using Objectivity. STAR and RHIC have the following allocations, to be used for production databases.

6000-6099 STAR
6100-6199 PHENIX
6200-6299 other RHIC (BRAHMS, PHOBOS, RCF, Grand Challenge)
6300-6399 Other BNL usage
RD45's allocations page

RHIC FDID allocations for development

RHIC is using the following FDIDs for development purposes:

STAR allocations:

The STAR developer FDID allocations are here. Five FDIDs are allocated to each user, starting from the number indicated. Use the GetFDID command
[sol] > GetFDID -h
usage: GetFDID [options] []
Prints out the range of five Objectivity Federated Database ID numbers
assigned to  (defaults to current user) for use in development.

Options are from among:
  -h       Prints this message.
  -s       Prints only the first number of the range.

[sol] > GetFDID
25005 25009 is the FDID range allocated to wenaus
[sol] > GetFDID -s staronl
at the command line or in scripts to get FDID ranges. If you need an allocation contact Torre Wenaus