STAR Collaboration meeting

February 27, 2003

Production 2003 includes:

  • MC HIJING minbias dAu 200 GeV/c;

  • Fast offline production;

  • ppMinBias year 2002 selected data reproduction;

  • year 2003 dAu trigger test data;

  • calibrations;

  • dAu 200 GeV/c real data production;

MC hijing minbias dAu 200 GeV/c prooduction

P03ii production with library version SL02i. New features:

new year2003 geometry:
BBC trigger, TOF simulation, FPD, halfbarrel EMC;
FTPC code developed;
1.3M minbias dAu 200GeV/c produced with hijing version 1.35
250K minbias dAu 200GeV/c with hijing version 1.382,
nuclear distribution for deuteron is taken as the Hulthen wave function
Average CPU per event for dAu hijing is 17 sec,
Real time per event is 24 sec.
Fast offline production processes 10% of real
dAu 200GeV/c data taken,running in DEV library.
helps (with QA) to identify bad runs, dead and noisy pads, calibration and reconstruction problems, primary vertex finding
ppMinBias selected data reproduction ,with EST in chain - request from SVT group for SQM2003 and FTPC group
Production tag is P03gi, library used SL02i, produced 3M events by February 27
dAu trigger test production: testBBC, testZDC, test EMC, selected run numbers with minbias triggers, test dAu minbias with high tower trigge r,CTB calibrations
Calibrations: tpc drift velocity calibrations using laser data, beamline constrain data
dAu 200GeV/c real data production
Currently dAu minbias 200 GeV/c, production P03ia
with library SL03a
SL03a library has been released February 20. New features:
  • EMC MuDst integrated in common MuDst files
  • StStrangeMuDstMaker modified
  • StEvent new triggerID added
  • TOF reader updated to read TOF year 2003 data
  • DAQ reader updated to adjust daq format
  • SVT clustering, vertex finder and DB handling updated
  • FTPC code updated, clustering, tracking, slow simulator
  • StEMCCalibrationMaker modified for online calibrations
  • EEMC developed
  • dEdx code reshaped
  • StFTPCMixerMaker and StEMCMixerMaker implemented for embedding
  • StBFChain implemented new chain options
  • St_QA_Maker added new histos for FTPC, changes for new trigger schema
  • StHitFilterMaker allowes to keep hits associated with tracks
7.2 M dAuMinBias events produced by February 27
Average CPU per event is 12 sec, real time - 16 sec
Realistic estimation of time scale for production of 70M of dAu 200 GeV/c events is about 90 days if efficiency of RCF facility is about 80%

but we have to run also calibrations,
selected datasets for year 2001 data reproduction
requested by FTPC group for AuAu productionCentral
could be productions for some trigger test

time scale for 70M dAu production could be more than
90 days
dAu minbias with high tower trigger production isn't started yet, the problems which stoped us are here:
  • code can't produce tpf drift velocity calibrations for laser data taken February 14 -19
    laser data have weak +z side, code should be modified (Patricia) to find drift velocity using -z side which looks good,
    other idea ?
  • beamline constrain data for dAu minbias with high tower trigger are not satisfied to use it in production,
    Gene is looking into the problem
Hopefuly in a couple of days these problems will be solved and we will start production of dAu minbias with high tower trigger