AutoBuild report using eval

Formatted on Thu Feb 25 02:06:16 2016

Global StatusFAILURE
Skipped DIRS StEbyePool StEbyePool StHighptPool StAngleCorrMaker StSpinMaker StEbyeScaTagsMaker StEbye2ptMaker StDaqClfMaker StFtpcV0Maker StStrangePool StFgtPool StMcQaMaker StHbtMaker StFlowMaker St_pp2pp_Maker OnlinePlots StJevpBuilders

List of code found with conflicting CVS version.

Those re codes modified on disk and NOT commited in the repository. This may be a mistake or an experimental version. Please, delete or commit them now !!

List of unknown CVS problems

We will consider this as a failure and at least, remove the conflicting files. If the removal is a success, the next pass will self-heal. Other errors are not treated. Please, consider repairing/verifying by hand.

cvs operation status

Update was required