Status of restoring priority datasets to distributed disk

Generated on Mon Jul 22 12:49:04 EDT 2024


The dataset library will either be the conversion library for PicoDsts, or will show as "MuDst", and the file stream will only be shown if specified. Note that a fileset usually gets removed from this list not long after it is close to 100% restored. More detailed information on the complete list of availabile datasets on distributed disk can be found here: PicoDsts , MuDsts

Date addedDataset#files HPSS#files local%tage
Estimated days
it may take
to restore
Total days
from now
(running sum)
Trigger Setup NameProductionLibraryFile Stream
2022-11-24production_26p5GeV_fixedTarget_2018 P19ie SL20d 8442826397.8824.2800
2023-02-16production_11p5GeV_2020 P23ia SL23a 5783157831100.072.7300
2024-03-22production_isobar_2018 P22ia SL22a st_mtd662586563899.065.3900
2024-04-18production_pp500_2022 P24ia MuDst st_fwd66996564269895.930.001.11.1