Package HIJ: Hints for Trouble Shooting

Trouble Shooting HIJING

Why can't I read in the .fzd file I just created?

  1. Make sure you can read the EGZ file first. Try typing
    > dump
    Input ZEBRA/FZ filename (=) {EGZ file name}

    If your file is a well-behaved EGZ file, you should immediately start seeing a flurry of numbers go by (it isn't called dump for nothing): so your EGZ file in this case is ok. Otherwise, something is wrong with it, and you might have to regenerate it.

    The other possibility is that you are trying to read in an OLD Hijing file (created by hijevt using and older version of EGZ). See the 6/22/95 release notes for the EGZ package for details. In this case, you must regenerate the file using the newer version of hijevt.

  2. Also make sure that you have not accidentally created a text file output which you are trying to read with EGZ (check your parameter file). This produces the rather obscure error message:
    < E > Unknown event generator: 0
    In other words, EGZ seems to read it in like a ZEBRA bank but of course it can't. Pretty, huh?

Why can't I run hijevt on the IBM machines?

If you are creating an EGZ format output file, make sure that you have set the environment variable XLFRTEOPTS as described for running HIJING:
setenv XLFRTEOPTS namelist=old
(and make sure its XLF and not XFL). If this environment variable is not set, then you will get an error message like:
1525-084 The NAMELIST READ statement cannot be completed because the NAMELIST 
group name zpar was not found in the file egzpar.par.  The program will 
recover by ignoring the READ statement.
1525-001 The READ statement on the file egzpar.par cannot be completed
because the end of the file was reached.  The program will stop.
The newer versions of IBM's Fortran compiler xlf use a different namelist format than their previous ones, but setting the environment variable as shown will force the Run-Time Environment (hence RTE) to use the old namelist format.

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Last modified: 31 March 1995