Notes on Pseudo-Padrows (by Iwona Sakrejda)
The TPC sensitive volume consists of 45 padrows placed in each of the 24  sectors. The padrow spacing in the inner sectors makes it necessary to
introduce shadow padrows, so the charge generated outside of a padrow but impacting the hits in the inner padrows can be taken into account.

This additional volumes are ignored by the TPC fast simulator. But if one wants to run with the tfs only, elimination of this shadow padrows saves
~30% of the disk space.

To do it one needs to modify the load geometry kumac by adding before

        exec geom tpcegeo
        detp tpce tprs(1).super= 1

If super is set to 3 (default), the shadow padrows are generated.

If a gstar file with the shadow padrows was generated one can still  filter them out in the code or with a ntuple cut by cutting on the
volume id:

C     In GSTAR/g2t TPC volume id is coded to give information on, both, the
C     volume_id = 100000*isdet      (idset = 0 ; physical  & = 1,2 ; pseudo)
C     For physical pad-rows, max volume_id = 100*24 + 45 = 2445.
C     example:
         if(g2t_hit(ih) 100