Vertex Position Detector description in aGSTAR


This page contains documentations of the STAR Vertex Position Detector geometry as it is implemented in aGSTAR simulation packages.

Author Pavel Nevski

Created 27 March 1996

* tentative dimension set according to the:
*  - 'VPD geometry' note by Z.Milosevich et al.
*  - L.Geiner drawings and numbers
*  7-18-96 Modified by Z. Milosevich
*          Detector positions corrected and set according to STAR Note
* 10-10-96 Modified by Z. Milosevich
*          Silicon Material in radiator replaced by quartz (SiO2)
* 10-30-96 Modified by Z. Milosevich
*          Detector position put at 290 cm to accommodate FTPC