STAR Computing Environment

This login environment is based on HEPiX, a standard within the HENP community and used at many labs. HEPiX provides for a standard login environment within a particular group. The STAR group on the RCF machines is rhstar. The group directory with scripts for the STAR environment is GROUP_DIR = /afs/rhic/rhstar/group. There is also a link /afs/rhic/rhstar -> /afs/rhic/star.

To setup the proper Unix environment (using tcsh, the STAR standard) you have three options as follows:

  1. If you do have access to the RHIC AFS cell and you do have HEPiX installed at your /usr/local/lib/hepix and CERN library installed at /cern (this is the case on RCF machines) then you should copy
           cp /afs/rhic/star/group/templates/tcshrc ~/.tcshrc
           ln -s ~/.tcshrc ~/.cshrc #   Stongly recommended to have this link
           cp /afs/rhic/star/group/templates/login  ~/.login
  2. If you do have access to the RHIC AFS cell but you don't have HEPiX installed then you should copy
           cp /afs/rhic/star/group/templates/tcshrc2 ~/.tcshrc
           cp /afs/rhic/star/group/templates/login2  ~/.login
  3. If you don't have access to the RHIC AFS cell but you have root password on your machine then
    • you copy /afs/rhic/asis/@sys/cern/98 and
    • /afs/rhic/asis/@sys/usr.local to your disk, and
    • create links /afs, /cern and /usr/local/lib/hepix pointing to your copy of the above stuff following the directory stucture which we have at RCF.
    • After that you go to point no.1 of this setup.
Then you can customize both .tcshrc and .login for your taste (or source separate personal setups from them).

Setup for the PAW/STAF environment

Set up your PAW/STAF environment by copying the file $STAR/mgr/.pawlogon.kumac to your home directory: ~/.pawlogon.kumac. If you already have this file, then add the following aliases:

            alias/create make 'exec $STAR/mgr/make' C
            kuip/alias/create ls   dui/ls c
            kuip/alias/create cd   dui/cd c
This sets up aliases for make, call, ls, cd,etc. that are needed by STAF & PAW.

Get an AFS token
In general, before working with code and/or running STAF you should do a klog to get an AFS token.

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