How to run bfc.kumac in STAF

To Run bfc.kumac

  1. I assume you have setup your login area and are in pro
  2. The machine to use is
  3. create a directory you want to work in and go there:
  4. To use Big Full Chain (bfc.kumac) ==>
    • cvs co kumacs/chain to get ./kumacs/chain with bfc.kumac and then can edit inputs
    • or just copy it to your directory and edit inputs
    • OR can run default version (don't copy to your area)
  5. edit bfc.kumac and change inputs to the macro to fit your needs if desired
  6. from /scr22/kathy/test, run STAF:
    • > staf
    • > exec $STAR/kumacs/chain/bfc - for default version
    • > exec ./kumacs/chain/bfc - for version in your area
    and away she goes!
  7. OR can run one of the domain chains:
      > exec $STAR/kumacs/tpc/run_tpc_slow_sim_tracker

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