STAR Offline Software Versions


The recommended version for end users is pro unless you need the latest software or developments (then use new or dev).

The default version is pro. To get to another version, from the unix prompt type:
stardev (e.g. for dev)
All the corresponding environment variables will then point to dev.

To see what command maps to what version look in $STAR_ROOT/packages. Versions dev, new, pro etc. are links pointing to release directories SL*. For example, it is currently:

       dev --> 98f
       new --> 98d
       pro --> 98e
       frozen --> 
       old --> 98b

To go to a particular release that doesn't have one of the above release directories, type (e.g. for 98a)
  starver 98a

To see what version you're set up to use, type 'which staf' or 'STAR_LEVELS'.

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