Offline Directory Structure

The main directories of interest are listed below. The following definitions are used:
*domain* == detector (tpc,svt, etc.)
*version* == software version (SL98a etc)
*arch* == architecture (hp_ux102 etc)

The variable $STAR will point directory to the release area you're in (e.g. if you're in "pro" which is currently sl98e, $STAR will point to $STAR_PATH/SL98e = /afs/rhic/star/packages/sl98e)

Each release directory (eg. $STAR_PATH/SL98e) contains the following structure (not exhaustive):

  .$STAR_SYS          - Platform-specific build area named as '.'
                            followed by the $STAR_SYS architecture name
                            (eg. i386_linux2, sgi_64, sun4x_56)
      /bin/           - Binary Files
      /dep/domain     - Dependency files
      /lib/           - Libraries
      /obj/domain     - Object files 

      /chain          - principal driver kumacs for several domains
      /util           - utility kumacs
      /domain         - principal driver kumacs for particular domain

      /domain         - packages for each domain
        /idl            - table idl files
        /inc            - Include and header files used by more than one packag
        /kumac          - kumac files for each package
        /package        - package directories       
     /domain          - parameter files, geometry, switches etc.
                                  for each domain

Also used are files in /afs/rhic/star/data = $STAR_DATA which contains data files. See especially samples subdirectory.
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