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Table of contents

StEvent I/O Model And Writing a Maker Or How to Add a New Detector

What is StEvent?

What is Maker (and chain)?

Big Picture

Writing your first StEvent class & a Maker

Files and directory structure and how to compile

1) Name, and what it is

2) Define as a delivered class from StObject

3) Put access functions

4) Adding root specific stuff

5) Adding more advanced access functions

5) Adding data member : schema evolution should take care it

A) Now, write a Maker to fill it

B) Init, Make and Finish

C) How to access to StEvent?

D) Get, or create your class

E) How to obtain raw data?

F) Now, actually fill it

G) Return values and some protections

H) Include files

What’s Next?

Author: Akio Ogawa