Online Event Display

The ONLINE utility to monitor the STAR "Event Pool" and browse the daq files is installed on computer at STAR "Control Room" and available under "l3user" account.
To start the utility, login "rts03 machine as "l3user". At this point the ONLINE (alias "L3Display") utility can to be started by clicking "Event Display" icon on the l3user desktop.
To restart it either click the "Event Display" desktop icon or start "ONLINE" application from the "console".

The utility provides 3 options:

1. DAQ file browsing

To browse some daq file just open it via either via "File"->Open" or "Open" tool button and click "single event play" or "instant play" buttons

2. Event pool monitoring

If no daq file has been opened one can just click "single event play" or "instant play" buttons.
If some daq file had been opened, to switch to the "event pool" check the "Event pool" from the "File" menu.

3. Creating the selected event image file

The Online display provides facility to

3.1.Create the image of the selected event

To create the image of the selected event one should

4. Event components

At present the display can visualize 2 components of the event pooled either from the "event pool" or from "DAQ file":

5. GEANT Geometry file browsing.

Even though it is still possible to use the "Online Event Display" to browse the root file with GEANT detector geometry definition, one is recommended to use the dedicated utility "Geometry Browser". The icon to launch the utility is available from the "l3user" desktop. The Detector geometry browser documention can be found on Web page

The "STAR Geometry browser" is available from any account of any RCF machine.

6. High quality 3D OpenGL window

The Online Evemt Display and "STAR Detector geomentry browser both share one and the same implementation of the "High quality 3D OpenGL window" See the "Detector geometry browser" documentation. To turn on the high quality 3D OpenGL window click the "tool" button and move the OpenGL window to make it visible on the SONY plasma screen;

You can decay the half of the detector view to reveal its insight with the coordinate plane described by "STAR Detector Geometry Browser

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Date: Mar 9, 2005