Online Histogram Procedures

(AKA running the Panitkin Plots)


The Online Histograms have three components that need to be running.   Each component runs on the computer "" under the "operator" account.


Starting The Histogram Presenter:

The Histogram Presenter runs on "".   Typically, it should be up at the start of the shift.  The shift operator doesn't need to control the presenter, except as required to select which plots to look at.


Restart Procedure #1:

  1. Double Click the "Online Histograms" icon on the "" desktop.

Restart Procedure #2:

  1. From a terminal type:

         > ssh presenter.csh



Starting the Histogram Server

If all is well, the Histogram Server should never need to be restarted.  However, if necessary (see the debugging tree below) follow these steps:

  1. Log on to

        > ssh

  1. Kill any existing server processes

        > killall

        > killall pplotServer


  1. Restart the server



  1. Check that the server is running

        > ps -ef | grep pplot


      If all is well, you should see something very like:

operator 23427 1 0 11:28 ? 00:00:00 /bin/tcsh
operator 23448 23427 0 11:28 ? 00:01:42 /RTS/bin/LINUX/i686/pplotServer -live -start -end -nogui
operator 25691 25675 0 13:14 ? 00:00:07 pplotClient
operator 25826 25803 0 14:21 pts/5 00:00:00 grep pplot


Starting EVP


The EVP process runs as part of the DAQ system.  To restart this system select "reboot DAQ" or "reboot ALL" from the run control.