Instructions for running Microdaq

revision date: 02/09/99
  1. Open a console window. From a session on any machine on subnet 88, type

    1. telnet scserv 9014
  2. Boot sb10.

  3.  Push the front panel reset button on the sector broker CPU or type ctl-X on the console keyboard
    When boot process and startup script have finished, prompt will change to

  4. Set the RB number. Software defaults to readout board #1.

  5. This may be changed before starting any run by typing, e.g.,
    MDAQ> setRB 4
    to switch to RB #4. This changes the bank headers, and just as important, generates the appropriate map bank.
  6. Data destination directory. Data are recorded on a disk accessed via NFS.

  7. The directory is currently hardwired as
    This can be changed on request.
  8. Start a run. Type
  9. MDAQ> startRun "filename"   [The ""  are required.]
    The data will be recorded in a file
    You will be presented with a choice of run types:
      please enter
              0 for FEE pedestal run
              1 for FEE housekeeping run
              2 for FEE INTERNAL pulser run (trigger via TCD command)
              3 for FEE EXTERNAL pulser run (trigger via Lemo cable)
    The translation table and the Trigger Command will be chosen to suit the run type
  10. To stop a run, type
  11. MDAQ> stopRun
  12. A run will stop automatically after 32MB have been recorded (approx. 40 events).

  13. This, too, can be changed on request.
  14. The number of events in a run is currently limited by a variable maxevents [default=1000].

  15. You can limit the number of events in a  run by setting this variable:
    MDAQ> maxevents=2

    That's all there is to it!

    Instructions on running the TPC pad monitor to view the data you have just taken.