Data Transfer Issues:

  1. Data Errors

    EEMC data errors involving ETOW (towers) or ESMD (all MAPMT FEE, including SMD and Pre/Post-Shower detectors) may arise in either (or both) detector or DAQ systems. In general, if EEMC is configured without problematic errors (and one can redo this as per the instructions below to double check, or if continuing errors), the problem is often with some aspect of DAQ and one should try the DAQ recovery procedures.

    From the detector side:

    1. Re-configurations: If not done recently, reconfiguration of the relevant detectors can help

      1. ETOW errors: "Master Reload" on towers GUI (be sure to check the the "unstaggered" slide switch).

      2. ESMD errors: "Master Reload)" on MAPMT FEE GUI (note: this will take ~ 9 minutes to do the entire detector -- could try relevant 1/3 = 4 sectors of detector if problem can be localized).

    2. Data Collector:

      Data from ETOW and ESMD are separately stored and then sent to DAQ from respective data collectors located in crate #91 in the EEMC racks at the WAH west wall.

      For some types of errors seen at DAQ, a re-download of the data collector FPGA's may help:

      To download FPGA's:

      1. from eemc-sc computer window, go to directory /home/online/mini/tdc (e.g., hopefully cd tdc from "mini")

        type command "dtdc" [Caution: download proceeds through MVME processor located in VME crate #91 along with the data collectors; pointer to CPU is given by eemc-sc window startup (XDATDIR should be mini).

        If processor is "unavailable", may need to reset crate #91 (e.g., via CANBus) then wait several minutes for CPU to reboot and connect. Then try dtdc again].

    From DAQ side:

    1. Reboot of ETOW, ESMD, Trigger, DAQ, etc. (e.g., at RTS concoile) separately, all together, etc. are normally what is done. Consult recent/ongoing shift crew or DAQ experts as to what is currently most effective.

    2. For some busy related and other types of errors reboot (use sparingly) of EEMC receiver VME can help.