Run 6 Online QA Plots for Endcap
to be checked by STAR shift crew

last update 4/1/06

Note: Page numbers refer to current "Panitikin plots" file. Histograms shown illustrate normal EEMC behavior -- report deviations to experts -- record problems in STAR log..

Click on image to generate larger/readable version in separate window

Here are the QA plots for the TOWERS. Raw spectra at left and hight tower spectra at right. (Click here for larger image)
QA plots for the MAPMT FEE
(e.g., SMD and Pre/Post-Shower Detectors (Click here for larger image)
Trigger: arranged by trigger patch (TP) and jet patch (JP). High tower response at left and patch response at right (Click here for larger image)
High Level Trigger Performance (Click here for larger image)

Other Selected EEMC (Panitkin) QA Plots

Older write-up .. some parts need update. ... last modified January 30, 2005