The two VME crates and six PL-500 dual power power supplies are controlled via CANBus shared with the Barrel EMC. Launch CANBus GUI from top level screen with the green "POWER" button

  1. Crate or Power Supply trip

    1. Crates: check error/cause and reset crates (they are not expected to trip). If WAH temperatures are high, check fan speeds and temp levels.

        #90 has the slow controls VxWorks CPU
        #91 has the ETOW and ESMD data collectors

      A power cycle of the slow controls crate will reboot VxWorks/slow controls (see recovery restart), while power cycle of #91 will require that the data collector FPGA's be downloaded

      (Note: VxWorks operation produces the red "Bus System" light on crate #90 -- that is normal.)

    2. Power Supplies for FEE: Reset supply and perform the required reconfiguration

        #92-#94 tower FEE ... power cycle requires Tower "master reload" for affected crates
        #95-#97 MAPMT FEE ... power cycle requires MAPMT "master reload" for affected sectors

  2. CANBus GUI "all white"

    This means one has lost control of Endcap VME crates and all FEE supplies, BUT likely all continues to run just fine (e.g., unless there are other alarms). To regain control requires a reboot which will also affect BEMC readout (likely also "white") so coordinate if necessary.

      To reboot CANBus: from sc3.starp.bnl.gov

        telnet scserv 9040
        type "reboot" (return)

      Note: the CANBus controller is located in BEMC crate #80 which also houses the BEMC data collector. Hence more drastic measures to force reboot are not benign.