1. FGT 6 identical disk have active area Rin=11.5 cm, Rout=37.6 cm;
    Z location: 70,80,90, 100,110,120 cm with respect to STAR ref frame.

  2. Hit distribution (Rxy vs.eta) for 3 Z vertex locations of -30cm, 0, +30 cm). ( PS ) FGT disk Z location: 70-120 cm

  3. Resulting track, charge reco efficiency and contamination for electrons w/ pt=40 GeV/c, flat in eta [0.5,2.5], flat in phi in 2*pi, 5K events per sample
    Note, we do not want to be in the magenta sqare. FGT disk Z location: 70-120 cm
    track Eff= N1/N0 charg eff = N2/N0 wrong charge (N1-N2)/N1 Geant Pt - Reco Pt , matched in delEta & delPhi
    Config A : all in: Vertex, IST1+2, SSD, FGT, TPC , ESMD