Study of importance of the FST , config A, varied FST resolution
Updated: Tue Jan 16 17:02:58 EST 2007

Question: How much charge & pT reconstruction depends on accuracy of E-SMD hit.

  1. General method: as desribed here, geometry UPGR12,

  2. electrons w/ pt=30 GeV/c.

  3. Tracking uses: Vertex+ FST+FGT+TPC+ESMD

  4. Varied FST hit resolution, sigX,Y=20,60,100,200,500 mum

  5. Resulting charge reco efficiency & pT resolution for electrons w/ pt=30 GeV/c.
    sigX,Y of FST hit charge reco efficiency phi resolution
    20 mum
    60 mum
    100 mum
    200 mum
    500 mum

  6. Conclusions
    1. Not sure??? FST does not help much ?