Timing scan for MAPMT
  • events were taken with miniDaq on January 12 --> see eLog
  • runs 150 - 160 were taken with crate 4 LED delays of 0 - 100ns with step of 10 ns, (only for sector 6 & 7)
  • strip U010 belongs to crate S1, V058 to crate S2, U058 to crate S3
  • the MAPMT boxes settings were:
      MAPMT box settings:
            box-delay    LED-trig-latency
    6S1  0         xa           <-- LED almost not visible
    6S2  x200   xa
    6S3  x200   xa              <-- LED not visible
    7S1  0         xa
    7S2  x200   xa
    7S3  x200   xa
  • after the seeing the spectra below we changed delay in 6S3 to 80 units and rised LED amplitude from 2000 to 3000 to see better signal in 6S1
    SECTOR 6 , X-axis=0,1500
    box S1 box S2 box S3

    SECTOR 7 , X-axis=0,1500
    box S1 box S2 box S3