Check of SMD mapping using MIPs from UxV method

  • Data from: 107k minB events from CuCu200, run 6049129.
  • pedestals 'onlped', no gains

    Tuned UxV method requires only pairs of SMD strips in each plain:
    * strip fired if ADC > ped+15 ( no gains needed)
    * only 000000xx000000 pattern was required
    * histo incremented only for the first strip from each 00xx00 pair in given plain
    * all combinations of 00xx00 pairs from U & V planes are considered.

    Actual X-Y position of all UxV points (after mapping correction and masking of hot strips - described below) (PS1.gz) , (PS2.gz) . View from the outside, sector numbering clock wise. Plot resolution in X & Y of 1cm.
    Note, w/o gains correction ~all strips are visible with lin-Z scale!

  • List of all masked SMD strips , as of day 49. To best of my knowledge only 16 strips of 7000 deliver no data, but this test was not accurate for ~15 strips of at the corners of each plane.

  • Swaps in SMD :

    The up-down pattern is disturbed for the strip 4V50. The vertical lines markranges of subsequent optical connectors.

  • Frequency plots for all strips in 24 planes are posted as PDF. Due to the logic of histo incremention for each masked strip there will be a gap of 2 strips.

  • For the record the following DB mapping was used during sorting. The swaps in plane V8 was hardcoded.
    Used script plBlue.C