Figures 1-4 shows the results of the timing scan for all 48 mapmt boxes. Each plot in each of the four figures shows every sixteenth channel, the x-axis is calculated as: x=56.61*ln(1706/(1706-timingDelay)). The analysis was done using Dave's code with lots of help from Jan. The scan delays and associated runs that wa taken for each delay are listed in table1.

Table 1
Delay Run #
0x0 6014114
0x3c 6014110
0xa0 6014108
0x104 6014106
0x168 6014104
0x1cc 6014102
0x230 6014100
0x294 6014099
0x2f8 6014085 ==> Default values
0x35c 6014090
0x3c0 6014092

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4