Endcap MC simulations: .fzd --> EEevent
  1. login to one of the Linux RCAS machines (rcas60XX) at BNL
  2. copy macro
    cp $STAR/StRoot/StEEmcUtil/macros/fzd2EEevent.C .
  3. redefine input/output file name in fzd2EEevent.C
  4. execute
    root4star -b fzd2EEevent.C
  5. to print content of EEevent-TTree execute:
    cp $STAR/StRoot/StEEmcUtil/macros/rdEEevent.C .
    root -b rdEEevent.C
  6. an example of data analysis with .C script (very slow) is in rdEEeventMipSolo.C