Endcap MC simulations: .fzd --> StEvent
  1. login to one of the Linux RCAS machines (rcas60XX) at BNL
  2. first get actual endcap .so libraries
    mkdir aaa
    cd aaa
    cvs co StRoot/StEEmcUtil
    cvs co StRoot/StEEmcSimulatorMaker
  3. extract private copy of bfc.C-->./bfcX.C and add the following makers to the chain
     StEEmcFastMaker *myMk=new StEEmcFastMaker;
     Char_t *after = "BbcSimulation";
     StMaker *xMk = chain->GetMaker(after);
  4. convert a .fzd file into StEvent using BFC

    root4star -b './bfcX.C(5,"dAuMDC CmuDst fzin BeamLine", "mc2003-9.fzd")'

    Note, flags in BFC may be not exact. An example of input file with 10K minB events and full endcap is located at /star/data22/MC/balewski/pp4run3/test2/mc2003-1.fzd.
    An example of output file with 100 events is at /star/data22/MC/balewski/pp4run3/example/minb200-100.event.root

  5. To test consistency of .fzd file under root4star execute:
    root4star -b 'macros/fzd2print.C(1,"minb200-10k.fzd")'
  6. To test consistency of StEvent file under root4star execute the script below. It uses the eemcTrigMaker class which is an example how to access Tower data for E-EMC.
    root4star -b macros/St2print.C

Any comments or upgrades of the code are welcome. Sent us feedback: zolnie AT iucf.indiana.edu , balewski AT iucf.indiana.edu ,