Do analysis of EEevent TTree
  1. login to one of the Linux RCAS machines (rcas60XX) at BNL
  2. copy and compile
    cvc co StRoot/StEEmcUtil/EEevent
    cvc co StRoot/StEEmcUtil/anaEE
    cd StRoot/StEEmcUtil/EEevent
    cd ../../StRoot/StEEmcUtil/anaEE
    cd ../..
    cp $STAR/StRoot/StEEmcUtil/macros/anaEEexample.C
  3. redefine input/output file name in anaEEexample.C
  4. execute
    root anaEEexample.C
  5. The class anaEEexample makes histogram of energy in EEMC towers. Change it as you need.