How to convert STAR DAQ file to a ROOT ez-tree

(updated Wed Apr 21 12:36:04 EDT 2004, JB)

  1. Extracting files from HPSS
    A) Use web page to find the .daq files produced for your run:
    You should produce an ASCII file with list of files you want, specify the destination directory. E.g.
    rcas6008:...balewski/daq/carousel>cat inp4
    /home/starsink/raw/daq/2004/008/st_physics_5008195_raw_1010001.daq /star/data04/sim/balewski/daq/008/st_physics_5008195_raw_1010001.daq
    /home/starsink/raw/daq/2004/008/st_physics_5008195_raw_2010001.daq /star/data04/sim/balewski/daq/008/st_physics_5008195_raw_2010001.daq
    /home/starsink/raw/daq/2004/008/st_physics_5008195_raw_3010001.daq /star/data04/sim/balewski/daq/008/st_physics_5008195_raw_3010001.daq
    /home/starsink/raw/daq/2004/008/st_physics_5008195_raw_4010001.daq /star/data04/sim/balewski/daq/008/st_physics_5008195_raw_4010001.daq
    B) use Data Carousel to retrieve files from HPSS -f inp4
    C) Monitor progres of your request on via
    But it takes 10-20 minutes (or longer) for the system to react.
  2. login as yourself to any rcas6nnn RCF and go to any private directory execute on of 4 version of siew according to the run #
    siew_AuAu_A  run <5062027
    siew_AuAu_B  run 5062027 - 5069111
    siew_AuAu_C  run 5069111 -  5093038
    siew_pp      run >=5095001
    Now siew is self contained, so you may drop the script loading some .so and execute it directly
    cd xxx
    /star/u/eemcdb/ezGames/siew/siew_pp -v 0 -o xx.ez.root /star/data03/daq/2004/janMisc/st_physics_5104014_raw_1030001.daq 
  3. set the I/O path to the data as needed. You may want to limit number of events by '-n 5000'.
    The resulting file is xx.ez.root.