How to find Tower gains for LED events

  • It is assumed you know how to determine pedestals. Now you need to change two lines in two macros and run it the same way. Input is ezTree.

  • accumulation of ADC histos with ped subtraction
    - copy and rename ./eeDisp/macros/accumTwPed.C 
    - replace '::kRawAdc'  to ':::kPedSub' in the line
    - run the macro without recompilation
  • fit LED peak and print table for 720 towers
    - copy and rename ./eeDisp/macros/fitTwPed.C
    - replace 
        HistFitter->setLimits(1,100,200); // binMin, binMax, minIntegral  
      HistFitter->setLimits(100,4000,300); // use to find LED peak position 
    - run the macro without recompilation
  • do NOT load results to DB as pedestal :)