Short writeup of E-EMC event display and raw hits histogramming

More details (will be) given here

To execute binary taking to robinson-DB :

  • ssh rcas6014 -l eemcdb
  • cd eeDisp
  • ./code/eeDisp go.C

    To clone and compile your own version

  • login to one of the Linux RCAS machines (rcas60XX) at BNL
  • get dispsetup (c-shell) script
  • login to AFS with your password
  • get the code and create executable eeDisp
    mkdir  aaa
    cp     dispsetup aaa
    cd     aaa
    source dispsetup
    Note, to compile eeDisp without AFS you need additionally :
    cvs co StRoot/StEEmcDbMaker
    edit code/Make --> -I../StRoot/StEEmcDbMaker/cstructs/
  • Make sure the DB server you want is used. It is hardcoded (for the moment) in the STARdb class constructor.
      nodeHead= mgr->initConfig(dbTestScheme,dbEmc,"VerC");
    and in your ~/dbServers.xml . Below is my example:
    < StDbServer>
    < server> onlsun1 < /server>
    < host> < /host>
    < port> 3310 < /port>
    < socket> /tmp/mysql.3310.sock < /socket>
    < databases>  TestScheme_emc, StarDb < /databases>
    < /StDbServer>
    Two valid BD servers are: duvall:3306 (more stable) or onlsun1:3310 (development).
  • Make sure only needed sectors are initialized (to save time). It is hardcoded (for the moment) in the EEndcap class constructor.
    EEndcap::  EEndcap(){
      sec=new EEsector[nSec];
      for(i=0;i< nSec;i++) sec[i].setID(i+4); //for sectors #4-9
  • Make sure your DISPLAY is set correctly
  • execute
    ./code/eeDisp go.C
    Note, only the time stamp of the first event in the StEvent file is used for DB request.
    By default, eeDisp reads ./myFeeMC-minb200-100.root TTree file. It may be copied from /star/data22/MC/balewski/pp4run3/example/myFeeMC-minb200-100.root
    Edit go.C to use only the hit display or the histogramming or both. Many instances of them are allowed.

    Any comments or upgrades of the code are welcome.
    Send feedback to: zolnie AT or balewski AT ,