How to run eeDisp on a 'miniroot' TTree events

Transfer run$$$$$.root produce by 'miniroot' on online@eemc-sc

cd /home/online/mini/trees/ 
scp *.root"whatEverDir"
To execute eeDisp on any rcas6nnn machine :
  • ssh rcas6014 -l eemcdb
  • cd eeDisp
  • stardev
  • setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH ${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:StRoot/StEEmcUtil/EEfeeRaw:StRoot/StDbLib
  • ./code/eeDisp go.C
  • in the menu below select a valid path name to the .root TTree you want to sort.

    select 'Open'
    type in # of events you want to read-in
    select 'sort'
  • To view max-ADC spectra select on the other window 'misc' -->'MaxADC' (and wait ~10 seconds). The upper 3 plots show max ADC per event within each FEE crate (#3,#4, and #5). The lower plots show how often any given FEE channel delivers the max ADC.
    Click on the spectra to change the range, switch lin/log, ....

    The spectrum below is from a laser run. The overflow for max-ADC for the crate#3 is caused by the 5TA4 tube. (You can see a single spectrum for this tube by selecting 'towers' ->'5' ->'A'. This tower is masked off in the present version by setting its gain from 1 (default) to 0 in the off-line DB.

    Any comments or upgrades of the code are welcome.
    Send feedback to: zolnie AT or balewski AT ,