How to build new pedestals from the 'miniroot' TTree events

  • Transfer run$$$$$.root produce by 'miniroot' on online@eemc-sc
    cd /home/online/mini/trees/ 
    scp *.root"whatEverDir"

    On any rcas6nnn machine :

  • ssh rcas6014 -l eemcdb
  • cd eeDisp
  • stardev
  • setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH ${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:StRoot/StEEmcUtil/EEfeeRaw:StRoot/StDbLib

  • ./code/eeDisp go.C
    From the menu below select a valid path name to the .root TTree you want to sort.

    -select 'Open'
    -type in # of events you want to read-in
    -select 'sort' and wait until sorter is done
    -select 'Save hist', wait until 'out.hist.root' file is created (2-3 minutes)
    - exit eeDisp

  • to build pedestals execute
    ./code/eeDisp ped.C
    From the menu below select a valid path name to the .hist.root you just generated.

    -select 'Open'
    -select 'fit' and check if fit result make sense
    - type in the directory name for pedestal files in the DB format
    -select 'Save pedestals'
    - exit eeDisp

  • to load pedestals in the DB
    cd dbase/src
    - check for available/required option of the program talking to DB
    ./eemcDb (enter)
    -for each sector execute the following command:
    ./eemcDb -s -p VerD/sector05/eemcPMTped -f ../../myped/ped.sector05 -c "mix trigger event file mini1001, JB" -t 2005-03-01
    You may choose any time stamp you want (-t option). Do not forget to add some comment (-c option) so others will know what have been used to generate the pedestals.
    Note, there is only one time line in the DB and the new pedestals will be valid for any analysis. There is no simple way to remove a wrong record from the DB, so exercise ./tkEEmcDb with caution !

  • to verify with Piotr's DB browser ( how to) by executing
    ./tkEEmcDb (enter)
    - select relevant sectors and time stamp