Conversion of .daq -- > muDst w/ ezTree -- > P-plots histos -- > Display

Updated Tue Jan 11 08:47:12 EST 2005

    Produce muDst w/ ezTree
  1. login any rcas6nnn as user=eemcdb
    ssh -l eemcdb
    rterm (go to new window)
    cd /star/data05/scratch/eemcdb/muDst
  2. Copy .daq file to e.g. /star/data03/2004/day/...
    use rftpexp from evp.starp or data carusel from HPSS
  3. Run bfc to convert .daq to muDst with Ezt-branches
    root4star -b -q 'bfc.C(20,"pp2004 ITTF hitfilt ezTree -trg","/star/data03/daq/2004/314/LOCAL_st_physics_5314115_raw_1020001.daq")' > &log1
    Note, this is one long line. BFC is VERY slow, takes ~2-4 minutes to start and then up to 5 eve per seconds. Start with 100 events.
  4. Double check you see the output muDst file of the proper length, ~12KB/event.

    Execute offline version of Panitkin-plot-sorter
  5. cd /star/data05/scratch/eemcdb/muDst/2005B This will bring you to the only place with precompiled code ready to use.
  6. edit rdEztPanitkin.C to point to the proper muDst & set # of events
    root4star -b -q rdEztPanitkin.C
    This is fast ~50 Hz. The output hist.root file has fixed name eemcQA.hist.root. If you try to read more events than avaliable in muDst you will see a crash at the end, but hist.root. is fine.
  7. To view P-plot pages execute
     root.exe plPanitkin.C  // opens empty canvas
     plTw(1)  // display corruption plots
     plTw(3)  // ADC for crates 1-6
     plSmd(2) // ADC for crates 64-72
     plSmd(7) //
  8. Description of implemented plots is given at the software page