ENDCAP Software Tasks , September 2005

  1. EEMC calibration for 2005 data
    completion by /
    Task Description Taken by Contact Person
    done ~10% accuracy absolute calibration
    using MIP's w/ UxV
    Xin & Jan Jan, IUCF
    1 month ~3% tower calibration
    use existing pi0 finder, calibration code does not exist
    open Jason , IUCF
    2 weeks peds & stat tables for p+p data
    using zero- or minB- events
    IUCF students Scott, IUCF
    2 weeks peds & stat tables for CuCu data
    open Scott, IUCF
    2 weeks ETOW calibration with electrons
    fully operational muDst based code worked 2 years ago
    IUCF Pibero, IUCF

  2. Preparation for 2006 run
    completion by /
    Task Description Taken by Contact Person
    3 days
    check/correction of tower HV
    method & code tested last year
    Julie Jan, IUCF
    3 days
    check/correction of MAPMT HV
    method & code tested last year
    Julie Jan, IUCF
    2 months L2 algo enhancing low energy gammas & jets
    *simulation of EEMC response & jet reco in root4star
    * programming of actual L2 processors, verify all data & calibration are available on-line
    Jan, Steve Steve, IUCF
    December'05 simulation of Endcap trigger
    Extended existing Barrel code over Endcap
    Renee Steve, IUCF
    before 100th
    STAR run
    online monitoring software
    * record EPICS DB in online STAR DB (2 days of work)
    * Endcap in Pplot (all as is)
    * Endcap response from trigger data (all as is)
    Jan, IUCF
    March'06 Degradation of gamma signal due to SVT
    needs M-C & real data study, code
    open Jim, IUCF

  3. Longer term tasks
    completion by
    Task Description Taken by Contact Person
    thesis project pi0/gamma discrimination
    essential for direct gamma A_LL measurement
    IUCF high priority
    thesis project reco of direct gamma in the Endcap
    Adam Bernd, MIT
    thesis project reco of jets for eta [0.8,2.]
    needs to deal with the service gap, MIP/hadron shower corrections, inefficient tracking at eta >1.4
    Xin, IUCF Steve, IUCF
    thesis projects e/h discrimination , essential for W, J/Psi reconstruction Naresh Subba Bryon Anderson ,Kent
    Valpo donald.koetke@valpo.edu
    3 months reco of the beam background
    (tracks parallel to z-axis), essential to correct Xsection for the Endcap pi0s
    Pibero, Jason
    2 months reco of prim tracks at eta>1.4
    the plan is to develop Sti based tracker using vertex and leftover TPC hits as seed. Once it works Endcap information will be folded in.
    Adam, Jan Jan, IUCF
    many months tracking improvements in the region eta > 1.35 using information from the EEMC and possibly the SVD
    5 days Endcap embedding
    core software done, in peer review ,
    unsolved issue: integration with TPC embedding
    Wei-Ming, Jason, Jan Jan,IUCF
    1 month trigger bias for Endcap jets
    Renee, Jim Jim, IUCF
    few months
    reconstruction of mesons in the Endcap
    eta-->2gamma, omega-->pi0+gamma, kshort-->2pi0
    Wei-Ming, more welcome Hal, ANL
    month..year offline event display
    better perception of reconstructed pi0s or gammas
    open Hal, ANL
    1 year tower calibration at high energy
    new ideas expressed in working algos :)
    some day M-C towers sampling fraction puzzle
    Why it is 4% for M-C and 5% for real events ?
    Steve: the MEAN value of the Landau energy loss distribution for MIP is of 1.8 MeV/g/cm2, and NOT the most probable value
    some day tune slow SMD simulator
    add cross talk in fibers, not sure what info can be used to constrain it
    open Hal, ANL