Here is the executive summary of the plots

If you execute the plL2gamma.C macro on one of the root files, you'll recieve 4 pages of histograms.

page 1: 4 panels

o Basic event counter (N input, N ht>thresh, N cl>thresh, N triggers) h100
o Number distribution of high towers > threshold
o Number distribution of clusters > threshold
o Timing plot (w/ legend)

page 2: 2 panels

o high tower frequency
o cluster frequency (centered on specified tower)
==> numbering scheme is itow=etabin+NEtaBin*phibin

page 3: 4 panels

o #ifdef DEBUG, ADC spectra for all channels for all input events
o ADC of high tower if ht > threshold
o ADC of high tower if cluster > threshold
o tower ID vs ADC-ped if event accepted

page 4: 3 panels

o #ifdef DEBUG, cluster ET sum if ht > threshold
o #cluster ET threshold if cluster > threshold
o tower id vs cluster ET