T438 Setup in FFTB

A side view of the T438 setup in the Final Focus Test Beam at SLAC is shown below.  In the picture, the secondary electron beam enters from the right.  Immediately after the orange quadrupole magnet is a flange holding a 2.54 cm diameter x 25.4 micron thick stainless steel window, separating the FFTB vacuum system from the T-438 setup.  Approximately 10 cm downstream of the window is trigger counter A, a 10 cm x 10 cm x 0.62 cm plastic scintillator.  Downstream of the blue support in the picture is trigger counter B, having identical dimensions as A.  Downstream of that is another plastic scintillator with a 2.54 cm diameter hole, aligned with the beam.  Further downstream is the prototype calorimeter and shower maximum detector box.  The detector is tipped by ~10o with respect to vertical, so that the electromagnetic showers produced by incident electrons are more fully contained within the projective towers of the calorimeter.

A more detailed set of pictures is available in two tours:

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Last revised: 31 October 1999