Endcap Calorimeter Prototype 
This is a view of the Final Focus Test Beam (FFTB) area at SLAC, showing an early stage in the preparation for T-438. In the picture, the prototype calorimeter is visible. Black PVC tubes are used to enclose sets of clear optical fibers, carrying the light from the scintillator tiles of the sampling calorimeter and the scintillator strips of the shower-maximum detector to the phototube boxes. Visibile in this view is the multi-anode photomultiplier tube (MAPMT) box. In that box 160 optical fibers carry light from the individual triangular strips to ten H6568, 16-anode MAPMT, manufactured by Hamamatsu.

Also visible in this picture are trigger scintillators that are used during T-438 to signal the presence of a high-energy electron. In this picture, they are mounted immediately upstream of the box to use cosmic-ray muons as a means of setting the timing for the trigger and the analog-to-digital converters.  
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