FTPC checklist

to be completed at the beginning of each shift

Checks relative to the gas system should be performed in the gas mixing room and on the gas platform. Checks relative to the cooling system should be performed by watching the camera images at the STAR monitoring computer. Images are from north platform, position ''L2'' and ''L3''.


Expected status


Gas system status ON                   
CO2 pressure, from bottle, in Bars >25bar                 
CO2 pressure, from line, in Bars 2.0–2.2 bar                 
Ar pressure, from line in Bars 1.8–2.0 bar                 
O2 content in West FTPC <10ppm                   
O2 content in East FTPC<10ppm                   
Cooling system statusON                   
Cooling system measured temperature 24±3 C                   
Cooling system tank pressure -600mbar – - 400mbar                   
Cooling system output pressure -100mbar – +200mbar                   
MCW regulation valve<100 %                   
Cooling system flowmeters ~1 cm above edge                   



Crew member:

Find the Ar pressure sensor
Find the FTPC gas system monitor
Find the CO2 pressure sensor

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