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Please remember to place the FTPC into "Physics" mode and verify anode voltages (1800 W, 1800 E) after taking pedestals.

In case of an FTPC alarm,please check the "Temperature-Pressure" window - if ALL readings in FTPC East and/or West = 0, call Alexei.

In case of an anode trip, please enter the time the trip occurred and which FTPC and sector tripped into the FTPC log book.

Y2004 Standard set points

ALWAYS!!!!!! verify Anode Voltages = voltages for selected run mode !!!

Cathode voltage (2 channels)     -10kV±5V 
Anode voltage (2x6 channels), Physics    +1800V ±2V West, +1800V ±2V East
Anode voltage (2x6 channels), laser    +1200V±2V West, +1200V±2V East
Anode voltage (2x6 channels), pedestals    +1000V±2V West, +1000V±2V East
Anode voltage (2x6 channels), stand by   0V West/East, (+~15V are displayed) 
Gating grid (2x4 channels)  -76V±2V open, -76V±115V closed

Y2004Standard values

Water pressure in (West/East)     -400mbar -> -100mbar 
Water temperature (West/East)     <31 C 
O2(ppm) (West/East)     <10ppm
H2O (dp C) Westt/East)     <-50 C dp
Ar flow = CO2 flow (West/East)     72l/h->78l/h; West=East 
Cathode current 0.14mA 
Anode current  -15nA < I < 15nA 

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