FTPC CardFinder

The FTPC CardFinder routine locates bad chips on the FEE cards by analyzing the
GainTable.dat file produced by GetGain.

To create the PadAnalysis_cc.so shared library and move it to $FTPC/lib:
      root4star [0] .L PadAnalysis.cc+
      root4star [1] .mv PadAnalysis_cc.so $FTPC/lib
      root4star [2] .q

To run in the FTPC online library environment:
       root4star [0] gSystem->Load("PadAnalysis_cc")
       root4star [1] PadAnalysisCreate()
       root4star [2] PadAnalysisWrite()

PadAnalysisCreate() uses the GainTable.dat file produced by GetGain
as input. This file MUST be in your working directory in sub-directory gain_table.
It produces 2 output files:

PadAnalysisWrite() use the results from PadAnalysisCreate() to write out
2 output files:

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Last updated by Janet Seyboth on May 1, 2008