Running Instructions for the FTPC Event Pool Reader

The FTPC event pool reader  was original written by Joern Putschke on Nov. 13, 2003

Usage: evp_pool5 [Options] [File/s]
                -t   [string]
                     string = evtype
                     default setting: evtype = EVP_TYPE_ANY
                -c   1   FTPC clf on
                     default setting: FTPC clf off
                -g   1   use gaintable (gain_table/GainTable.dat)
                     default setting: no gain table used
                -p   [value] 
                     value =  pixel threshold
                     default setting: pixel threshold = 0
                -v   1   main vertex tracking on
                     default setting: main vertex tracking off
                -l   1   laser during beam on
                     default setting: laser during beam off
                -o   1   no output ps file
                     default setting: output ps file (
                -m   mount point
WARNING: use mountpoint option only if there is a livestream in the eventpool !

The default settings are for laser runs (without beam)
Use -c 1 -v 1 for data files


This page was created by Janet Seyboth on March 7,2006