STAR Peripheral Collisions Analysis Software

STAR Peripheral Collisions Analysis Software


StPeCMaker is a tool for analysing DST's for peripheral events using StEvent. Currently, the code reads data, selects events and produces a set of histograms. It does this through the peripheral collisions event class StPeCEvent.

Janet Seger has written a useful tutorial on peripheral collisions analysis with StPeCMaker.

StPeCMaker is checked into the STAR cvs repository ($STAR/StRoot/StPeCMaker). To check it out, create a new directory and in this directory issue ythe command cvs co StRoot/StPeCMaker. (For further details on how to use cvs, see the tutorials page.)

To run StPeCMaker use the macro runPeCMaker.C which is in the cvs repository (StRoot/macros/analysis/runPeCMaker.C). Execute it (.x runPeCMaker.C) without parameters to obtain usage information. It is a only slightly modified version of doEvents.C The output histograms are stored in a file StPeCMaker.hist.root.

Brief description:

In StPeCMaker::Make(), a pointer to StEvent is obtained by GetInputDS("StEvent"), and a new instance of StPeCEvent is created. After that, the following three functions are called:

FillStPeCEvent fills information from StEvent into StPeCEvent. FillHistograms() uses StPeCEvent to fill the PeC histograms. In ExampleAnalysis() there are examples of how to extract further information from StPeCEvent. The strucutre of StPeCEvent and its member functions are shown here.

The StPeCPair class and collection is currently not implemented.

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