STAR Peripheral Collisions Group Meetings

Let's meet tommorrow at the usual times (4 pm EST/1 pm PST) and places (Jim's and Spencer's offices).


Proposed structure of StPeCEvent, here

Some results from the half-field, vector meson data using TPC dE/dx...

First figure shows the dE/dx vs P(momentum). Y-axis: dE/dx (*10**6). X-axis: Momentum (GeV).

Upper plot (1) is for positively charged particles. Lower plot (2) is for negatively charged particles.

The second figure show the invariant mass distribution for 2-track events assumed to be kaons. The plot on the left hand side shows the distribution without any cuts on dE/dx. The plot on the right shows the distribution after a cut (very rough) around the kaon band. A cut on dE/dx reduces the background considerably (as expected).

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